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The fastest way to grow your medication synchronization program. Check out our options and features included.

Pharmetika is incredibly intuitive streamlined flexible labor-saving and fully integrated.


Our Features

2-way Texting/SMS Support

Break beyond bulk-messaging! Save you and your patients time by using SMS to have dialog with patients.

Reporting & Planning

Know how many prescriptions you need to fill each day and how much to expect in revenue

Patient Messaging & Alerts

Automatically communicate with patients via email and SMS: order notices, billing issues, refill issues

Package Tracking

Integrate your shipping software. Patients automatically get an email and you can view tracking information

Medication Synchronization

Have a patient with prescriptions due on different days? They can be automatically grouped

Refill Request Reporting

Get a list of when refills will be due and send the refill authorization request via e-fax


Put a prescription or group on hold until a set date

Day Supply Variance

Do your patients end up with too much medication due to shipping times? Pharmetika looks at the amount of day supply dispensed in the past and adjusts the next fill date for the group of prescriptions accordingly

and more...

Improve patient continuity of care with transcribed calls, real time SMS dialogue, and a complete log of all previous communications from emails, SMS, and call recordings.
Would you like to charge patients upon filling? We can securely charge the patient automatically upon triggers in your workflow. We'll even send the patient an invoice.
Save time by allowing patients to order refills via web or phone!

We're not the only ones excited happy about the Pharmetika platform...

Over 75,500 prescriptions are managed from pharmacies using Pharmetika.