Healthcare 4.0


Consumer expectations are higher than ever.
They are comparing experiences across industries and,
increasingly, are opting to become the customers of businesses that empower them to self-serve.
How does pharmacy meet the challenges of a 21st-century patient?

Pharmacy has only scratched the surface of how they can digitally reinvent themselves. For many years, advancements in pharmacy technology have been focused on improvements to the internal operations. Often these were fragmented solutions that introduced systems which could not speak to one another.

Those changes have not brought about a revolution in how patients interact with the pharmacy. By leveraging modern technology, pharmacy can reimagine it's role in delivering care.

About Pharmetika

How we got here

We realized the potential for pharmacy to be disrupted.
A new platform was needed that could tie workflow tasks from all aspects of the pharmacy ecosystem into a central hub. From that foundation we exposed an API layer.
Only then could we provide a modern consumer experience.

Operationally, data insights could drive every process: customer service and case management, compliance, dispensing, transitions of care, sales. We began to re-think processes, service delivery, even the value proposition to the rest of the healthcare system.

On the service side, patients could begin to conduct business in a familiar modern fashion. The tools provided to pharmacy staff would be aligned with the goal of replacing prescription busywork with enhancing patient experience as the focal point for pharmacy.
That is the revolution in the patient-pharmacy relationship.

Our Mission

Maximize the value a pharmacy brings to the health system

The demands on pharmacy continue to rise while the playing field continues to tilt. We put enterprise-level tools in the hands of pharmacists. With the the ability to systematize workflow, pharmacists can achieve better outcomes for their patients and have the data to back it up.

Our Vision

Pharmacy - Patient interaction should be consistent with other industries

The way people communicate has evolved dramatically in the last decade. The way pharmacy communicates with their patients has not. Pharmacy data should be connected with modern communication tools and plug in to workflows that are patient-centric.

...And now there's Pharmetika's digital platform!

Our History

Platform Timeline


Company formed

Coding began on the concept in January. By March our first beta site was using the system.


Implementation with first specialty pharmacy

After working on building a solid foundation, it was time to bring the platform to market.


Expanding to new markets

As the platform grew so did interest from other segments of pharmacy and the broader health system.

Pharmetika Workflow Dashboard