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The demands on independent pharmacies continue to rise while the playing field continues to tilt. We wanted to level that playing field by putting enterprise-level tools in the hands of independent pharmacists. With the the ability to systematize workflow, pharmacists can achieve better outcomes for their patients and have the data to back it up.


Who We Are

We grew out of working inside independent pharmacies. In 2005 we began by visiting a compounding pharmacy and immediately saw the potential for technology to take on a larger role at the company. Originally envisioned as a 3-month project, as we keep digging deeper we kept finding solutions to the challenges the pharmacy faced every day. 10 years later it was the linchpin of what grew into a $30 million dollar enterprise spanning multiple pharmacies.

We'd learned a lot and decided it was time to bring modern tools to field that was in dire need of more fitting technology. With the knowledge of pharmacy workflow we had, we set to work on creating Pharmetika. Our first pharmacy partner came on board in January 2016. Pharmetika gave them insights to their business that allowed them to grow their synchronization program from 61 people to over 1100 in a matter of months. Other tools helped them further retain patients and grew the pharmacy's year-over-year revenue 36%!

Over the years we've had the opportunity to work with all parts of the pharmacy: dispensing, customer service and case-management, third-party contracting, compliance, product acquisition and inventory... Pharmetika represents what we've learned from those experiences and delivers what we found most valuable.

Our History